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How An Arizona Landlord Attorney Can Help You


How An Arizona Landlord Attorney Can Help You

If you are having issues as a Landlord receiving payment from tenants, or if you are a tenant who has received an eviction notice, it is advisable to seek counsel and representation from an experienced Arizona landlord tenant attorney.

Rent Control & Eviction

Mesa Arizona Landlord Tenant AttorneyIf your Arizona property is within rent control jurisdictions, there are a couple categories in which a landlord can evict a tenant in a rent controlled property. The first and most common category allows for tenants to be evicted for any non-payment of rent, or for breaking the terms of the lease. This category allows for eviction for causing a nuisance, or for using the property for illegal purposes among other reasons for eviction.

The second and less common category typically requires the landlord to obtain and serve specific papers to the tenant from the local city housing department, after providing the basis for the eviction, and proved valid. Generally these reasons are when the owner’s family or a new manager is moved into the unit, or the unit is no longer available as a rental for reasons such as condemned property, or if HUD is selling the property all together.

Arizona Landlord Attorney Representation

In any case, major legal issues can be caused by eviction notices by either tenant or landlord. If you are in a situation where you feel you being wrongfully evicted as a tenant, or if you need help collecting rent money or evicting a tenant as a landlord, seeking the advice and representation of an Arizona landlord tenant attorney such as the skilled and versatile attorney at law, Wayne Gardner, is highly advisable for a positive outcome!

When you have leases being violated, or need help getting a bad tenant out of your property or facility because they are not paying rent, or are participating in illegal activities on your property, Wayne Gardner’s experience can help solve the issues with and without litigation! Call Mesa landlord lawyer Wayne Gardner at (480)433-8524 today for your free confidential consultation, for representation for landlords or tenants!

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