Arizona Landlord Lawyer

Getting a tenant to move out on their own can prove to be a tough task. Sometimes you need the help of the best legal services to get you through. Wayne Gardner is an experienced landlord attorney in Mesa Arizona. He has helped landlords for over 25 years in every part of real estate law, leases, evictions, and even in litigations. Wayne Garnder works with Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C., and he works with cases that have to do with rent, disputes, evictions, and other issues landlords may have with their tenants.

If you are a landlord now, and you have been working with a non-paying tenant that will just not vacate the premises, then Wayne Gardner will be a good lawyer to respond in a knowledgeable, expeditious, and efficient way, and he will get a judgment for you quickly so you can get that tenant out quickly. Wayne is highly knowledgable in the ARLTA, and he will make sure that you’re not the victim a court when tenants don’t pay their or do irrevocable damage to your lease. If you’re a landlord, and your tenant has violated the terms of your lease, such as letting other people in or letting pets live in there, or even dealing drugs, then you can get a court order immediately.

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Call Wayne Gardner today to see how you can get a bad tenant out today. If you’re a landlord, and you need to contact an Arizona landlord lawyer to get a tenant out today, called Wayne Gardner. It is hard to deal with bad tenants because they just won’t listen. Sometimes, they do horrible things in their apartments that are not allowed under the lease terms. If you want a quick court order, that will get rid of these tenants, then you need to call Wayne Gardner today and get help now.